BASE (newcomer-novice)

Back to the start

Cowboy Rhythm

Easy come easy go


Cowboy big up

Bill's Basic

Over the moon

Better country

Pick up girl

Hillbilly rock

Easy dance

Another country

Graffiti baby

Ghost town

Best adventure

Road House rock

Cut a rug

Lucky dog

Twist and shake

Country boy lovin'

Born to be great

Lonely drum

We went

Cut and strut

CC shuffle

Shore thing

Mr Lonely

Country as can be

Pony express

Go cat go

Flobie slide

Tractor's bell


Start the car

Irish stew

Just a girl

Only in America

Billy be bad

Hillbilly girl

You're like honey

Be mine

Baby belle

Two step (Line dance)

My Maria (Partner dance)

Western style (Partner dance)

Changing classica (N° 1)(Partner dance)

Hey day tonight

Redneck angel

Scrap it

Dance again

Watermelon crawl

Urban life

We went

Irish stew

Shore thing



Sugar and pai

Slapping Leather

Candy kiss

Start the car

Tractor's bell

Cowboy charleston

Eight ball

Dancing violin


Black coffeè

The galway gathering

American kids


Elettric stomp

Tush push


Cowboy strut

Elettric slide


Halleluy'all (Aaryn's Spirit)

Good time girls

Urban life

God blessed Texas